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Sensitive Teeth can be frustrating. Teeth can become sensitive to hot and cold, then go away with no clear cause. Some people experience chronic sensitivity and seek desperately for solutions. Recession of gums can expose the roots of teeth, leading to sensitivity. Sinus infections can cause sensitivity of your upper molars and premolars. Deep cleaning can result in sensitivity of the teeth. Also, sensitivity can occur following filling, especially white/composite fillings. Sensitivity in many cases can be caused by inflammation. Inflammation of the pulp, also called pulpitis, is a common cause of tooth pain and sensitivity.

This inflammation can be classified as either reversible pulpitis, where recovery and healing may occur, returning the tooth to a normal state. However, it may progress to an irreversible state, where the end result is the death of the nerve and eventually an abscess will form. When the inflammation is reversible, therapy using anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen can help. Keep in mind, many pain medicines contain NSAIDs, which can increase the risk of bleeding and caution is advised.

Other options for treating sensitive teeth are the use of fluoride and/or toothpaste. If sensitivity continues, it is recommended to inform your dentist to evaluate the possible causes of prolonged sensitivity.

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